5Ws Framework In Saint Joseph’s


The purpose of the 5Ws framework is to reflect the new RE Framework from the Diocese of Salford, which focuses on the 5Ws, rooted in the roots of the early church.  They are as follows:








In pupil speak, these translate as







Welcome (come) – We come together in welcome.

Word (talk) – We talk together as a 'word of God’ community.

Witness (work) – We look at our school mission statement and work together as a witness community.

Welfare (walk) – We walk together as a welfare community.

Worship (pray) – We pray together as a worship community.


Welcome (come)


Our school is a place where we strive to make people welcome.  We aim to provide a warm welcome to pupils, staff, parishioners and visitors through our Catholic values.  We have a saying: Once a Joey, always a Joey.  This sums up in a nutshell how we treat all who come to our school.  Through the celebration of inclusion, we aim to build mutual respect, self-esteem and a sense of community, keeping in mind the Kingdom of God. 


Our school family has a strong sense of belonging.  Whether it is in their house groups, classes, school or the wider community of Shaw and Oldham, children are proud of where they are from and have acceptance and compassion for the diverse communities they encounter.  We aim to develop and promote the spirituality of our pupils, and this in turn influences the formation of the adults through the shared experience of all.  Our parents and families are drawn to be in partnership with our school and our parish (communion).  We are a sign of Good News that speaks of and listens to the Word of God in our local community (evangelisation).